LIVE REVIEW: The 1975 // Marathon Music Works, TN

by: Jessica Massey

I have seen a number of bands over my lifetime, and have not seen anyone quite like The 1975. Before their set at Marathon Music Works on May 15 in Nashville, the lights dimmed and all there was to be viewed was the famous white rectangle that has become synonymous with the band. Adam Hann (guitar), Ross MacDonald (bass), and George Daniel (drums) walked on stage first, to an eruption of cheers that only grew louder as the catchy beat of “The City” was played. The enthusiasm hit a peak when Matt Healy, their vocalist, appeared and the show began. The more Matt talked between songs, the more applause and screams he got due to the thick accent he has, which quite honestly, made the show even better.

Towards the middle of the set, the band was joined on stage by a saxophone player, who brought a unique touch to the performance. While other bands would usually utilize a background track, the saxophonist played the parts in “Heart Out” and “Me”, which was very impressive. Shortly after, the lights faded and rose again to find Matt and George, smoking cigarettes and sharing a drink on stage. This continued through the song “Menswear” and validated The 1975’s rockstar vibe and persona they seem to be going for.

At the end of their set, they took a step off stage while the crowd roared for an encore. Of course, the wishes were granted. They couldn’t not play two of their biggest songs. They started their two-song encore off by playing their biggest American hit, “Chocolate” which the crowd sang along to with such energy they almost overpowered the band. The final song, “Sex”, brought what may have been the best ending to a show I have ever seen. The band fed off the crowd’s energy and put on an amazing performance of the song as the crowd screamed every single word. The end fizzled out with a heavy closure, as the band threw their picks and drumsticks as they all left the stage – Matt was the last to say goodnight to the audience.

Overall, The 1975 was worth every single penny. In terms of live performance, they definitely know how to work a crowd. If you ever get the opportunity, even if you have to drive a few hours, I definitely recommend attending a The 1975 concert.

Visit The 1975 on the social media, below:

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